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Things to do in Bohol

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Boating fanatics can rent traditional canoes (bancas) on those beaches and also there are a few sailing boats that ply the waters between Cebu, Manila and Bohol.
Cock Fighting is one popular sport in the Philippines. Here you can view the trill of the fight at close range and gamble on the winner or loser whatever the case may be.
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Diving When in Bohol diving is one you should not miss. Here, experience some of the best underwater scenery to be found in tropical waters. Missing it, would be an absolute no no.
Ecotourism Whale and dolphin watching is popular in the Tanon Strait near Bohol Island and there are also trekking possibilities in the hills and along the beaches. There are many waterfalls too that is lurking good scrambles up to the source of the water or further downstream.
Fishing Bohol’s warm waters are home to some 2400 fish species, which include many game fish such as giant tuna, king mackerel, barracuda, swordfish and marlin. Game fishing is best from December to August.
Sipa is a traditional game played with a small wicker ball, which visitors can watch at different venues around the island.
Spelunking Over a hundred caves that have been discovered in the area, the biggest is found in Bohol itself. Most of which are ideal for spelunking adventures. So bring a torch and uncover the underground world of stalactites, stalagmites and other amazing water created formations.
Trekking is both adventurous and educational. Pass through challenging trails and local farming communities where you will get to see how the pepople there live a country life while feasting your eyes on the rugged beauty of the locality. This is a wonderful ‘all in the family’ activity.
Water Sports Bohol’s clear waters, tropical climate, abundant coral reefs and varied marine life make it a best location for scuba diving and snorkelling, and other water sports with choices ranging from resort-based diving to extended trips to unexplored areas. White sandy beaches are ubiquitous.

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