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Maubog, Balbagaon, Mambajao, Camiguin Island

enigmata treehouseEnigmata Treehouse Galeri, originally known as Tarzan's Nest Resort, is nestled among the greens and hills of the enchanting Camiguin Island in Mindanao, Philippines, home to a hundred waterfalls.

Built by musician Ben Aicha, Enigmata is now home to a group of vibrant Mindanao artists called the Enigmata Creative Circle, led by Talaandig musician and visual artist Waway Linsahay Saway.

The treehouse, now managed by Creative Activator Rosalie "Ross" Zerrudo, is "art in its purest art form." The captivating "golden" sculpture Enigman molded by prolific sculptor Kublai Millan leads the way to the treehouse resort.

enigmata statue frontEnigmata Vision

A community with deep cultural understanding, appreciation and concern for the environment that serves as a unifying character as one people towards a sustainable lifestyle

Enigmata Mission

To open the eyes of people through biodiversity and art education (through popular media for the conservation of art and culture in Mindanao ) as a venue to develop deeper sense of relationship with nature, responsibility and accountability of the world's resources


Camiguin as a sustainable community, its population having a high level of awareness about their natural environment, and capacitated in the sustainable utilization of the island's resources through environment protection and conservation.

Room Type

Bartender's Backpackers Room at the bar with rooftop for moon gazing: four persons, shared toilet and bath

Poolside Backpackers right beside the mother acacia tree: 8 persons , private toilet and bath

Shell Garden Suite: 4 persons, private toilet and bath

Eagles Nest Suite: 4 persons, private toilet and bath

Camp Out: Common toilet and bath

Bartender's Backpackers RoomBartender's Backpackers RoomBartender's Backpackers RoomBartender's Backpackers Room


Enigmata Creative Circle hosts alternative get-away tour art-packages at the only tree house resort in the country. Enigmata, originally known as Tarzan's Nest Resort in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, Philippines is managed by an artist and vegetarian adventurer of the Enigmata Creative Circle.

The four-story Art-chitecture hosts fully-furnished cottages and suites that cater to creative functions, seminars, workshops, trainings, trippers, backpackers, and budget travellers!

Come join us in our ART ATTACK! Enigmata / Tarzan's Nest resort-cum-art gallery with bar and resto specializes in pizza and vegetarian dishes. Arts and crafts, junk installation art, wall paintings, and an artistic, homey, wood-and-bamboo place to sleep welcome travellers to this island getaway.

Also offers tour of the island and art workshops.


They specialize in vegetarian dishes, wild spinach and fern pizza and curry. They also serve natural beverages and popular fermented beverages.

And they also serve your very special food preferences and needs. They'r had visitors who eat only uncooked food, or who don't eat anything but squash!

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