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Ocean Adventure

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West Alanin Forest Area Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Situated on Camayan Wharf in fabulous Subic Bay. Lying between blue waters and pristine rainforest, Ocean Adventure is a marvelous way to spend the day.

Ocean Adventure, a unique marine park, is open in Subic Bay which faetures some of the world's most beautiful mammals - dolphins, whales and sea lions - in their natural habitat. Set in to the water and swim and play with the false killer whales.

At Ocean Adventure you'll also get a chance to see a fantastic display of mammal behavior with the dolphin, false killer whale and sea lion shows performed in open water amidst a beautiful horizon of blue sea and mountain ranges.

Ocean Adventure is pleased to announce a most exciting program - Dive with the Whales. You'll never experience anything like in the world. Join false killer whales in their natural, open water home for a special, close, underwater experience you’ll never forget. The adventure starts with a personalized presentation on the individual whales you’ll be meeting. You’ll find something about their behavior, physiology, and abilities.

They'll describe their physical characteristics and individual personalities so you become an instant expert on identifying each animal. After it’s on to the lagoon for your 30 minute interaction with the whales. You’ll touch them, swim with them, explore their underwater world together, and recognize how gentle and playful they truly are. When you resurface you’ll pose with the whales and get one final hug, all captured on film for a lasting memory. So what are you waiting for the whales are waiting for You!

Ocean Adventure Special Programs
A. Whale Encounter
B. Wade with the Wales
C. Dive with the Wales
D. Shipwerk or Marinelife Dive
E. Whale Plus Shipwreck Dive

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