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Location: Sta. Cruz, Talicud

Enjoy your deserved weekend in the sand and waves of Isla Reta Beach Resort. The resort is only a 45-minute trip from Davao City’s Sta. Ana wharf via water bus going to Talicud Island or directly to the resort itself. The fare is quite huge for a very-budgeted island trip, but surely it is really worth spending for! For the water bus, you need to have a budget something of Php100/head for a round trip ticket to Talicud Island and back to Davao City.

Talikud literally translates to "back," which is what it is, an island at the back of Samal. The bigger island of Samal already boasts light brown sandy beaches, albeit the low tide prevents fun swimming during the middle of the day, but people still frequent the place for a relaxing day at the beach

Just be aware of the water bus schedule of travel:

(From Sta. Ana wharf or Talicud Island)
First trip - 5:00am
Second trip - 8:00am
Third trip - 10:00am
Last trip - 3:00pm

For the entrance fee, each person will be charged Php15 (daytime rate) and Php100 if you opt to stay overnight–just bring your tents and your own beddings. If you wish to stay in one of their cottages, it ranges something from Php300-Php500.

You can bring in your own food, but sodas and alcoholic drinks will have corkage. But if you don’t want to get into the hassle of preparing your food, the resort has its own canteen where you can order meals, snacks, and drinks at very cool price. They also have warm and friendly staff that will surely make you feel at home and relaxed in your deserved weekend treat.

The beach is marvelous! The sand is light brown and powdery, but as you near the water, pebbles and bleached broken coral line the beach. The water is crystal clear and cool. Though at certain times of the day, there are some water bugs than can make you start itching. That would be the best time to lie in your hammock.

For those who are more adventurous, you can choose to walk the rest of the stretch of beach after a low rock wall. That part is less maintained with some natural trash brought in by the tide, and some unnatural trash, too. Shell-hunting is best at this part of the island.The water area of that part of the beach is also more rocky, but also has more coral and fish compared to the more public area.

Enjoy the powder-fine beach and the clean and clear blue waters of Isla Reta with your loved ones this weekend. Just don’t forget to bring your swimming outfits, sunblock, and your cameras to capture one of the best memories that you will have! So, pack your things and have the break you truly deserve!

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