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Pagudpud beaches

On the northwestern-most tip of Luzon Island, along the beautiful Bangui Bay in Pagudpud Ilocos Norte, you will find long, uninterrupted stretches of white sand beaches, with crystal blue waters and magnificent coral reefs. With its spectacular white sand beaches, the place has gained the reputation as the "Boracay of the North"...only more charming. This entire coastal area is lined with many coconut trees, making it a truly picturesque scenery and an ideal place to stretch and unwind.

The most popular beaches are in Saud. Beyond Saud, there are other shores that are growing in popularity, including Blue Lagoon, Burayoc, Ayoyo, Patapat and Pasaleng. The scenic municipality of Pagudpud is only an hour's drive from Laoag City and is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination in Ilocos Norte. Yet, it remains quiet (except for the soothing sound of nature), un-crowded and unspoiled.

Oh so peaceful! Some areas do enjoy mighty winds and strong waves similar to Hawaii's - perfect for surfing! Staying here makes you feel as if you're in your very own private island, where you are free to relax or indulge in your favorite water sports. Kayak, scuba dive, and surf to your heart's delight! Or simply laze or take a quiet stroll along the beach, soak in the remarkable view and watch the sunset. And make sure you feast on fresh, succulent (and inexpensive) lobsters!

Nature Attraction

La Paz Sand Dunes - La Paz Sand Dunes offers a spectacular vista of the South China Sea. It covers an area of 85 square kilometers and is declared and protected as a geological monument because of its unique land formation. La Paz is a favorite shooting location for local as well as international films.

Pasuquin Caves - The caves, located 1,708 above sea level, have underground water streams and offer some of the more spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations. Travel time to the caves is 45 minutes from the town proper through a dirt road, and you will need to get a special permit from the major's office to explore the cave.

The trip is definitely worth it! You might even be fortunate to meet members of the Itneg tribe, the original inhabitants of the town. There are a few of them still living in the thick forests, untouched by modern civilization. This coastal town is 25-kilometers long. It is bounded on the north by Burgos, on the east by the mountain ranges of Vintar, on the south by Bacarra, and on the west by the South China Sea. It is only seven kilometers north of Laoag City.

Paoay Lake National Park - Near the famous Paoay Church is the beautiful, placid Paoay Lake. It is a land-locked freshwater lake, shaped like a horse, with an area of 470 hectares. Legend has it that the whole area used to be an affluent town punished for its obsessive attachment to wealth and power. Torrential rains flooded and drowned the entire town. Some local folks say fishermen caught fish with gold rings, a testament to the extravant lifestyle of the submerged village.

In 1969, the lake was declared as a National Park by the late President Marcos. The Malacanang of the North, a sprawling golf course and a sports complex (the biggest sports-resort complex in the north Luzon) were built around the National Park.

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