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Punta Azul

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Punta Azul is the newest resort near Blue Lagoon. It was originaly as a rest house but the owners decided to open it to the public so that they can also enjoy Blue Lagoon.

The resort opened last June only is made up of three houses with two floors except for the one on the left.

Think of the place as a big vacation house where you have to share an outside door to get inside your room. The owners are still deciding whether they will allow the guests to use the kitchen.

From Punta Azul, you can walk to Blue Lagoon which is only around 200 meters away.


All rooms are air-conditioned and all bathrooms have hot and cold shower.

The building is new w/ individual floor to ceiling granite tiles w/ tub and shower in each room. They offer complimentary breakfast.

The building is two level w/ wood floors and patio over looking the sea. It is located just a few steps from the beach. They provide toiletries for you at no xtra cost.


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